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Adult Sex Toys Sell Themselves!

One of the greatest things about an adult home party is that it is so exciting, educational and funny at the same time that it gives your social circle something to talk about for a very long time.  There is also a special bonding that goes on when you start passing the merchandise around for your girlfriends to hold, switch on and giggle about.  More than half the time simply holding a sex toy can convince a lady to buy it, just simply because she has never had the chance to try out a sex toy before.

Adult sex toys are also easy to sell simply because your guest often ends up thinking, “When else am I ever going to have the chance to discreetly buy something just like this?”

Adult Parties Offer Girlfriends a Chance to Bond!

Throwing an adult in-home party is easier than you think. Simply ask some girlfriends (and their boyfriends too over if you want to make it a Jack n’Jill kind of affair), serve some snacks and a quality wine, and lay out our samples for them to enjoy. They can sample different flavored lubricants, thumb through our colorful catalogue and examine the merchandise for as long as they like. To quell any giggles or nervous reactions, you can present the products in an educational manner.  After examining our selection of vibrators and other sex toys, most women will simply open up and start having very entertaining and memorable conversations about their sex lives.  Furthermore, many women come away from an adult in-home party feeling a little more confident, and a little more educated about sex in general.

Private Sex Toy Parties Offer Your Customers Discretion

Buying a fun vibrating toy at a For Girls Only Party offers your girlfriends the kind of privacy and real-life try-out of the sex toy that they would never really be able to have anywhere else, except maybe in an adult sex store. You are offering them a private opportunity to try out adult sex toys first-hand!

We Can Help With Themed Adult In-Home Parties!

The easiest adult-in-home parties to sell in are those that have themes and we can help you sell thousands of dollars in sex toys, lubricants, glass toys and specialty items for Freedom Parties, Rainbow Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Rainbow Parties and Couples parties.

Sell Sex Toys At A For Girls Only Party!

Selling sex toys might seem like an outrageous idea at first, especially if you are new to the idea, but the truth is that the concept of the adult sex toy party has been thriving for the past thirty years. In fact, there are all kinds of occasions that create an absolutely perfect opportunity for selling sex toys including birthdays, bridal showers, same sex engagement parties, graduation parties and much more.

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