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  • Our parties are fun! A little wine, a little food and lots of great toys. We demonstrate the proper use and care. Yes, it causes more than a few folks to blush. You'll love it!

  • Grab a group of your best girlfriends and party just cause it's fun or throw the best bachelorette ever! We are always game to help you have a good time!

  • You really haven't had this much excitement in a while!

  • It's the kind of party that keeps delivering the fun! Our products provides hours of fun in the privacy of your own home!

The Fun Starts When The Party Begins

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Fun, Fascinating, Exciting!

You want to have fun? For Girls Only Parties are an education in fun, passion and romance! Would you like to make those moments with your lover more exciting? We present the latest in adult products in a fun educational way. Learn new techniques and get great new toys to share with your partner!

At our parties we discuss your play life in a way that your momma never talked about! Plan a party with us and plan on having an evening that you will never forget! All you need is a few of your closest friends, a cozy home and couple of bottles of good wine. Then the fun really begins! We demonstrate our top products and provide you with our entire catalog. Our parties are for you, for him and for fun!

Why are the parties better than going to an adult toy store? We find the best products that we know work. You will get to taste and feel the lotions, play with the toys so you know what kind of vibrations they have. Discuss what you like with your friends, solve relationship issues, etc. Can you do that in a store?

We specialize in Girls Night-Out Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Freedom Parties (Happily Divorced or Single), Birthday Parties, Rainbow Parties (Gay/Lesbian) and Couples Parties. You have never laughed so much or been so excited to order products at home party.

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