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The Fun Starts When The Party Begins

Throw Your Own Sex Toy Party!

Do you want to have an absolute load of fun with your girlfriends while at the same time making a lucrative part-time living from the comfort of your own home?  The consider throwing your very own adult home party! The concept is very similar to that of the old-fashioned Tupperware party, only back in the last century, your mom would never dream of showing off this type of whirring, humming and rotating plastic to her girlfriends! When it comes to adult in home parties, we’ve come a long way baby!

Adult Home Parties Can Teach You A Thing or Two About Love

Sex toy parties are very exciting, fun and yes, even educational!  The great thing about them is that they are so “hands on.” We provide demo toys so all you have to do is switch them on to learn how to get “turned on.”

Simply invite ten to thirty of your closest best friends over for a sex toy party brunch or adult sex toy soiree. All you need to do is crack open a few bottles of wine and show off our top products and catalogue to your fascinated guests who will no doubt start opening up to each about their love lives and discuss how they like to satisfy themselves and their men.

Sex Toy Parties Are Discreet and Convenient

Purchasing a sex toy from For Girls Only hostess beats trying to find a decent vibrator at the mall or trying to second-guess what kind of sensual pleasures one might have to offer by looking at it online.  When your girlfriends attend one of your adult home parties they have the opportunity to actually hold the vibrator, dildo or other toy in their hand and which really works to your advantage when it comes to making a sex toy sale!

Adult Home Parties Have Many Themes!

Throwing a sex toy party is a fabulous way to celebrate a special occasion. We can help you plan a theme that can help you sell hundreds of dollars in adult sex toy merchandise such as a Girls Only Party, Freedom Party (for that Happily Divorced or Single girlfriend in your life), Birthday Parties, Rainbow Parties (Gay/Lesbian) and Couples parties (where you bring the hubby or boyfriend.) Bachelorette Parties that feature the latest in adult sex toy fun are very popular and also assure the bride of wonderful and satisfying honeymoon night.

Call to book your Adult In Home party today! 

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